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Welcome to our company’s website. We are an integrated contract research organization with a clinical site. The name of our company is Ligand Research, which reflects our mission. A ligand (from Latin ligo – to bind) is an atom, ion, or molecule bound to a central atom or several atoms to form a single complex. As a result, it produces particular biochemical, physiological, or pharmacological effects. Thus, the company goes hand in hand with many participants in the pharmaceutical market. It is the critical link between the molecule developer, patients, and healthcare professionals. Since the company’s foundation in 2011, we have been sharing the values of our customers, jointly solving tasks, and achieving good results.

Currently, Ligand provides a full range of services required for scientific and clinical research. At all stages, the company strives to improve the quality of its services offered by a team of professionals with accumulated experience and knowledge. The central element of the Ligand system is the clinical center, with inpatient and outpatient care. The clinical center allows large-scale screening and outpatient research activities and the hospitalization of patients for pharmacokinetic studies. For pharmacokinetic studies, we offer a unique approach that combines the capabilities of a classic contract research organization with the features of a specialized clinical center. This approach allows us to provide full-service solutions tailored to the needs of each sponsor and each project. The fact that we offer the same services for early clinical trials in patients sets us apart from other companies.

We can offer a viable alternative to the current model in which a contract research organization conducts and manages research while relying on the physical implementation by other organizations. Our approach allows us to perform, manage, and do research in-house, which ensures high-quality data and solving complex problems, ultimately saving time and reducing overall costs. The following selected priorities contribute to the productive activity of the company:
We thank our customers for choosing Ligand Research and look forward to working with new ones. Please be sure that we will do our best to meet your expectations.
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Solutions for the medical department
  • Registers development and maintain
  • Patient support programmes
  • Literary search (systematic, targeted)
  • Communication with Health care specialists (automated surveys, expert advice)
  • Publications and presentations development
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Solutions for registration and pharmacovigilance
  • Modules for a dossier development
  • Preparation of Insert Sheet, OHLP (Dossier p. 1.3.1)
  • User testing of the insert sheet
  • Literary search (systematic, targeted)
  • Adverse events evaluation
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Patient support programmes
  • Various patient support programmes
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Medical activity
  • CoMed Medical Centre
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All phases studies
  • Bioequivalence studies
  • Phase I-III studies
  • Post-registration studies
  • Observational and real - world studies (RWD/RWE)
  • Registers development and maintenance
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Regulatory
  • Monitoring/quality control
  • Data management and statistics
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Solutions for
the medical

Solutions for registration
and pharmacovigilance



All phases
Our services
All services
Solutions for
the medical department
Solutions for registration and
Patient support programmes
Medical activity
All phases
Bioequivalence studies
Bioavailability study with healthy volunteers and patients. Part or Full services.
Monitoring/quality control
Creation of registers. Patient support programmes. Literature search (systematic, targeted).
User testing of Patient leaflet
Documentation development, testing and reporting according to EUA requirements.
Registers development and maintenance
Drug and disease registers, safety assessment. Database maintain.
Patient' s leaflet development
Patient' s leaflet development for medication.
Publications and presentations development
Preparation of articles, reviews, presentations by study results.
Phase I-III studies
Evaluation of drug efficacy and safety in different nosologies. Part or Full Services.
Literature searching
Literature review, preparing systematic and analytical reviews.
Regulatory support
Documents development, obtaining study approval. Assistance in expert's assessment.
CoMed Medical Centre
The company's own medical unit.
Data management and statistics
eCRF development. Entering data from paper CRFs. Statistics.
Communicating with healthcare specialists
Signing of contracts, surveys and expert advice.
Preparation of documentation
Preparation of a study documentation (Protocol, BI, ICF, plans, etc.)
Adverse events evaluation
Preparation of the RMP and the PSUR. MedDRA coding of AE. Assessment of the causal relationship.
Modules for a dossier development
Preparation of sections of the registration dossier in accordance with EAU requirements. Risk management plan.
Observational and real-world studies (RWD/RWE)
Study of drug prescription, patient population assessment. Evaluation of effectiveness in a real-world practice. Evaluation of medical resources utilization. Evaluation of discharges in health-care system.
Patient support programmes
Educational and information programmes. Diagnostic and laboratory programmes. Increased adherence to medication. Establishment of personal cabinets.
Post-registration studies
Phase IV studies, non-interventional studies, registries. Part or Full services.